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Inspiration through Speaking and Training

Joyce Williams offers Christian inspiration for your ministry event.  Her specialties include speaking and evangelism training.  Your ministry will receive a lift from Joyce Williams.

About joyce


A gifted speaker for events such as women's ministry retreats and more, Joyce brings energy, motivation, and the hope of Christ to any setting.  

In addition to active church ministry in places like Virginia, Florida, Kansas, and Tennessee, Joyce is the author of 10 books. She has a wealth of knowledge to share.  Her passion for Christ and her belief in everyone's ability to experience wholeness in Him shines through her.  


Joyce's extensive work with the Billy Graham Association and Shepherd's Fold Ministries has equipped Joyce to train others in evangelism.  Book Joyce for a workshop for your church to train your congregation to embrace the harvest of your outreach ministries.  Through the Billy Graham Association and Shepherd's Fold, Joyce has experience working with all denominations of the Christian faith!




· I am a native of Roanoke, Virginia, and a graduate of Trevecca Nazarene University—Nashville TN

(two year degree) 

· I have two wonderful daughters, Tami and Bethany and one biological granddaughter, Lauren. 

· I have a multi-faced background as I have been deeply involved in church ministry for many years. My professional background was in marketing, etc. (I made presentations at the Pentagon twice.) 

·  After my first marriage ended, I was privileged to become Minister of Christian Education/Outreach at Clearwater FL First Nazarene Church from 1990-1992 with Pastor Mark and Vanessa Lancaster. 

· I was greatly blessed to marry Gene Williams in September 1992  (Gene, sadly, passed away in June 2013.) Between us, Gene and I have 7 children, 14 grandchildren and 20 great grandchildren.

· Gene and I were Co-Founders/Directors of SHEPHERDS’ FOLD MINISTRIES that we began in1999 providing encouragement, affirmation, and renewal for pastors and families around the world.  Dr. Brent Van Hook is now Director of SFM and is perpetuating this wonderful ministry with awesome leadership.

· Gene served as Pastor in Residence at Trevecca Nazarene University for two months each year for four years, counseling, and mentoring pastors and ministry students etc. I enjoyed working with him at TNU.

Gene and I went to work with the BILLY GRAHAM EVANGELISTIC ASSN. in January 1998 and ministered together on 29 assignments around the world.  Both of us taught for four BGEA SCHOOLS OF EVANGELISM—two at the Cove in Asheville, one in Chicago, and one at Lake Louise, Canada

In May 2014 I was invited by BGEA to be the Kansas Field Representative for MY HOPE with Franklin Graham until I moved to Hendersonville TN in June 2016. BGEA once again contacted me inviting me to be City Coordinator for Clarksville TN for Franklin Graham’s Decision America Tennessee Tour from January through the event in May 2017. 

I was blessed to work with Mission Voice Network India from June-December 2017 and went to India for the fifth time in August 2017.

I have been to the Holy Land eleven times and enjoy leading pilgrimages there.

·  I have been Associate Pastor for Evangelism and Connections at Memphis Grace Nazarene since February 2018 with Pastor Mark Lancaster. (I have come full circle since Clearwater FL!)

I am a Certified Personal Evangelism Trainer. Soul winning/discipleship is God’s call on my life.

· I am privileged to have an active speaking and writing ministry across the US and around the world.

(I have traveled to 39 countries—a number of them more than once.)

· I have written and published eight books as well as numerous poems and songs (see list)

· I have been published in 25+ different periodicals including Decision and Guideposts.





Unshakable Faith for Shaky Times

My Faith Still Holds (see: translated into Korean)

Sparkling Sparrows (children’s book---child evangelism tool)

She Can’t Even Play the Piano!  Insights for Ministry Wives-Taught in four Billy Graham Schools of Evangelism

From This Faith Forward

Quiet Moments for Ministry Wives-Scriptures, Meditations and Prayers-(Also translated into Korean and Spanish)

Quiet Moments for Moms

God Sightings—Stories of God’s Miraculous Provision


He Took the Blame, Lullaby for the Lamb, Just One More, Renew Your Weary Shepherd Today


Why Didn’t You Tell Me?


No Prayer Is Ever Wasted, She Can’t Even Play the Piano! A Rose for My Love, Tears in a Bottle, Through the Needle’s Eye, I Saw the Lamb, Passing the Faith,  Manger in the Shadow, My Faith Still Holds, Unshakable Faith for Shaky Times 


A Few Speaking Topics


Some of my speaking topics 

(Most of the following speaking topics/sessions are wrapped around Bible characters):

EXPECTING MIRACLES!  (John 14:11) We should live on tiptoe—anticipating God’s miraculous intervention.

COUNT IT ALL JOY!   (James 1:2) A challenge to embrace even the hard times in life because of the joy that awaits us.

THE BATTLE IS NOT YOURS (II Chronicles 20)  We do not have to fight our battles if we belong to the Lord.

FORGET THE FORMER THINGS (Isaiah 43:18) Getting past our past.  The woman at the well.  John 4

A NEW THING (Isaiah 43:19) Embracing life’s changes—new things---with joy and anticipation

CHANGE YOUR WORLD (John 4) Accepting God's mandate to be His change agents. (Soul-winning/Evangelism training)

THE END OF OURSELVES (Genesis 32:22-31) A challenge to truly surrender everything and give God control of our lives.

GOD OF THE SECOND CHANCE  (Jonah, Joseph, Prodigal son, Woman taken in adultery)  We can begin again!

HEART'S DESIRE (Psalm 37:4)---Personal testimony

CRUMBLED WALLS (Joshua 6) When we allow God to take control, He brings down the barriers that hinder us.

NO PRAYER IS EVER WASTED (Revelations 5:6-8) Our Father collects our prayers in golden bowls in the throne room of the Lamb.  Our prayers are the fragrance/aroma of heaven!

SHE CAN’T EVEN PLAY THE PIANO!    Pastor’s wives aren’t perfect!  (Note:   I taught this for four Billy Graham Schools of Evangelism)


It doesn’t matter where you’ve been---what you’ve done.  It’s where you are now and where you go from here that matters.

GRACE EMBRACED (Woman who was caught in the act of adultery--John 1:11) Grace is a gift-unearned and undeserved. 

A GENTLE WHISPER (Mary Magdalene--John 20:16; I Kings 19:18) We need to learn to be still and listen for God’s gentle whisper. 

THE GREATEST GIFT---NO LESS THAN ME---Isaiah 9:6 God gave us His one and only Son.  In return we give ourselves to Him. (Wrapped around my song “No Less Than Me”)

CHRISTIAN WOMEN’S CLUBS---STONECROFT MINISTRIES—I am a certified Stonecroft speaker. I share my testimony



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